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Stump Grinding Miami

Ugly stump got you down? Our tree removals include stump grinding in most cases. If you have old stumps on your property, we can take care of those too. Stump grinding is a quick process (with the right tools). Our precision stump grinding will take care of unsightly stumps, leaving you with a soft pile of fresh, small wood chips to spread across your garden or plant with.

Stump Grinding in Miami, FL can be performed on almost any stump, any size! The process quickly reduces the stump into mulch or wood chips, which can then be used to spread around flower beds or fill the hole where the stump resided. Replanting can begin immediately, though we recommend moving some distance away from the previous stump for new trees in order to ensure proper root growth and longevity.

Don’t live with a stump any longer! Greenstar Tree Service has been stump grinding in Miami and surrounding areas, such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Palmetto Bay, and Pinecrest for years, leaving piles of wood dust and happy customers behind them.

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