Tree Service

Tree Service

Greenstar Tree Service specializes in hurricane tree preparation, pruning, trimming, thinning, lifting, natural shaping and tree removal. Using National Tree Care Standards, we trim your trees based on their specific needs. This way we can keep your trees beautiful, healthy and aesthetically pleasing while creating a safer environment for both your and your property.

Trees add incredible value to a property, in many ways. Look at tree services as investments, not expenses.  “Low price is a poor gauge of a quality arborist. Often, the better ones are more expensive because of more specialized equipment, more professional help, and insurance costs.” – Florida Chapter International Society of Arboriculture.

Tree and Palm Trimming

Pruning is the selective removal of portions of a plant (buds, roots or branches). Pruning involves removal of diseased, damaged, or dead portions from landscape plants. When pruning is performed incorrectly, it can harm a tree’s stability, health, aesthetics and cause continuing harm. Improper pruning can also be expensive, leading to disease, decay, weak branch structure and potentially tree removal. Greenstar Tree Service is fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to prune your trees properly, ensuring you can enjoy them for years to come.

The main reasons for pruning trees include safety, health and aesthetics. Pruning for safety involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage, trimming branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways and removing branches that grow into utility lines.

Pruning for health involves removing diseased or insect-infested wood, removing crossing/rubbing branches and thinning the crown to increase airflow and allow for more durability in high wind.

Pruning for aesthetics involves enhancing the natural form of trees by controlling and directing growth in order to improve and maintain ornamental value and/or stimulating flower and fruit production.

Many palms are considered low maintenance plants, however most palms need regular pruning to keep them beautiful and, in some circumstances, safe for people and animals. Tall palms need pruned to eliminate the possibility of people being hurt by falling fronds, while the seed pods of many other palms can be hazardous if ingested by children or pets. Removing yellow and dead fronds helps to maintain property cleanliness and upkeep. Greenstar Tree Service is fully equipped to trim all types of foliage, whether it is bushes in the backyard or palm fronds 30 feet in the air, we can service your trees and property.

Tree trimming: Trimming includes maintaining trees according to a uniform design. This is usually completed annually or bi-annually. Tree trimming is more of a maintenance item, helping to keep your landscape looking fresh and healthy.

Keeping your trees trimmed and/or pruned promote stable tree structure and aide in clearance, warding off disease and decay, elongating tree life as well as creating an ascetically pleasing tree. Pruning to guide and manage tree structure is vital to maintaining the safety, structural integrity, shape, and appearance of the trees on your property. Greenstar Tree Service can keep your trees healthy, beautiful and safe for the entirety of their life. We cut it off, haul it away, and keep your property beautiful with all our tree services.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a dangerous undertaking, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you need a dead tree removed, have large branches hanging over your house, or are in need of removal of dead wood from your tree, we specialize in this and other hazardous tree removal services. Greenstar Tree Service has the knowledge and equipment to perform this task safely, efficiently and professionally.

Tree removals, particularly for large trees, necessitate cautious dismantling by extensively trained workers using advanced machinery to ensure the protection and safety of your property and home. Even removing small trees or partial limbs can be a dangerous or hazardous task. Let the tree service professionals at Greenstar Tree Service take care of your tree removal, leaving your family and property safe. We also can provide stump grinding services.

Remember, if there is ever a down limb or tree around power lines, call your local emergency services and electric company first to secure the situation. Once the initial emergency has been addressed by the power supply companies and local officials, Greenstar Landscaping Company will come in and finish the tree removal and get your property cleaned up in no time.

Hurricane Preparedness

Greenstar Tree Service knows that all South Floridians are concerned with hurricane season, and, of the many things we need to be cognizant of during this season, is if the trees on our property are prepared for a hurricane. Statistically, Miami should see hurricane winds and weather before the end of the 2014 hurricane season. Since there has not been significant hurricanes in the area over the last few years, much of the dangerous tree debris rocked loose during a storm has not been removed and is still looming above our heads and homes. During a hurricane or tropical depression, trees that are structurally weak, stressed, diseased and/or damaged can cause serious damage to property, utility lines, etc. by snapping, falling and uprooting. An essential component to diminishing your risk of property damage is storm preparedness.

While a hurricane-resistant tree does not exist, with appropriate care and scheduled maintenance, administered by a local arborist, trees can be more resistant to damage from a storm. Peter Masi, owner of Greenstar Tree Service, is a Florida arborist and is well versed in the proper care and optimal growth conditions for South Florida trees. A deep rooted tree may not uproot during a storm, but structurally compromised limbs may break or fall and damage property or become deadly projectiles. Preventive steps, like pruning, can be taken to attempt to reduce or eliminate these damages. Pruning is imperative to hurricane damage prevention.

Make certain to schedule an appointment with Greenstar Tree Service a few months in advance to ensure your tree will be strong enough by hurricane season. Improper pruning can prove dangerous during a storm, the incorrectly cut branches are extremely vulnerable to high winds.

Seeing as a well-cared-for tree is one of the top ways to shield your home and property from storm damage, having all your trees ready to face the storm is to your benefit. Call today for a tree inspection by Greenstar Tree Service to make sure your property is ready for the Atlantic hurricane season.
Severe weather and gravity combine with a tree’s deficiencies and cause continuing damage in a multitude of ways. Click the link to see examples of trees severely damaged by storms. If damage is too extensive and the tree cannot be saved, it will have to be removed. Greenstar Tree Service can help with that as well.

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